Otto Bremer Trust Awards N.D. Reading Corps $71,500

North Dakota Reading Corps recently received a grant from the Otto Bremer Trust for $71,500 towards our mission to help students in North Dakota become successful readers by the end of third grade. These funds help us to provide high-quality training and support for our tutors across the state to ensure we are serving children to the best... Continue Reading →


Do Something Dynamic! Become a ND Reading Corps Superhero Tutor

When the word 'superhero' comes to mind, you probably think of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Thor, Wonder Woman, or Captain America. These figures all "save the day," fighting crime, protecting the public, and sometimes battling super villains. Superheroes, however, can come in many different forms. North Dakota Reading Corps tutors are their own special breed of superheros. Every... Continue Reading →

Where are they now: Reading Corps Alumni

Each year the South East Education Cooperative and North Dakota Reading Corps are blessed to have AmeriCorps members serve as literacy tutors. They vary in age, come from different backgrounds, are pursuing a variety of careers, but they all have ONE thing in common - they want to help North Dakota children become the best readers... Continue Reading →

10 Amazing #ReasonsToReadingCorps

Now is the time to think about serving a year with AmeriCorps and N.D. Reading Corps is a perfect place to make a difference. As one school year is about to wrap up, we are already planning for next year and another expansion of N.D. Reading Corps! Next year we are adding 10 new sites... Continue Reading →

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