Taking a Critical Look at Personalized Learning and Innovation

Is There a Magic Bullet on the Horizon?: Taking a Critical Look at Personalized Learning and Innovation As we tear off the last page of the 2017 calendar, I am once again reminded that I am getting older! I finished my student teaching 19 years ago this month and what I have learned since then... Continue Reading →


Baesler: Succeed 2020 Improved Student Graduation and Scholarship Rates

Baesler: Succeed 2020 improved student graduation and scholarship rates InForum Article by Kirsten Baesler on Oct. 9, 2017 In 2011, Hess Corporation announced a generous $25 million grant to improve North Dakota's public education system. The grant, called Succeed 2020, aimed to improve student preparation for college and careers and ensure more successful transitions from... Continue Reading →

We Are Living in a [Digit]al World

Digital skills for teachers in the 21st century In 1984, Madonna coined the phrase “we are living in a material world” with her hit song Material Girl.  Fast-forward 30+ years and it appears that all we need to do is replace “material” with “digital”.  Indeed, we are in the midst of the digital age.  It... Continue Reading →

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