Creating Infographics and Posters

Happy March!  I hope you didn’t get stuck in the past with the passing of daylight savings time because we have some great ideas shared with us for this month’s article that will help your students’ learning spring forward.  This month the focus is on creating infographics and posters.  I’m not talking about the posters... Continue Reading →


Taking a Critical Look at Personalized Learning and Innovation

Is There a Magic Bullet on the Horizon?: Taking a Critical Look at Personalized Learning and Innovation As we tear off the last page of the 2017 calendar, I am once again reminded that I am getting older! I finished my student teaching 19 years ago this month and what I have learned since then... Continue Reading →

Math Science Partnership Community of Practice Sees Large and Statistically Significant Increases in Multiple Areas

As part of a collaborative grant with the N.D. State College of Science, the SEEC engaged nearly 100 teachers and over 2,500 students through two cohorts of the Math Science Partnership (MSP) Community of Practice (COP) focusing on two main goals: Goal 1) Show an increase in the ability of students to demonstrate career-ready skills, and teacher use... Continue Reading →

We Are Living in a [Digit]al World

Digital skills for teachers in the 21st century In 1984, Madonna coined the phrase “we are living in a material world” with her hit song Material Girl.  Fast-forward 30+ years and it appears that all we need to do is replace “material” with “digital”.  Indeed, we are in the midst of the digital age.  It... Continue Reading →

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