Gackle-Streeter engages in Formative Instructional Practices that are difference makers for both students AND educators

Formative Instructional Practices - FIP On Oct. 5, Gackle-Streeter Public Schools worked with South East Education Cooperative (SEEC) to rollout of proven formative practices that are difference makers for both students and educators. Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) are the formal and informal ways that teachers and students gather and respond to evidence of learning. At... Continue Reading →


21CCLC Meaningful Out-of-School-Time Programs host Theater Week

In support of its efforts to promote community arts the South East Education Cooperative's MOST program contracts with Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre from Barrette, Minnesota to provide two professional actors to teach and rehearse with students to present a play at some of its rural sites. The week begins with auditions followed by students receiving... Continue Reading →

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