Edgeley Legos in the Library

On March 21st, Edgeley's Meaningful Out of School Time (MOST) Program took its students to the community library to create a themed Lego display. This project allowed students to brainstorm a theme, plan of action and how they would present it back to the group - a great use of 21st Century Skills and the 4 Cs... Continue Reading →


Targeting the Focus Through Collaboration and Investigation

In Pingree-Buchanan’s school district, encompassing 146 students K-12, Superintendent Denise Harrington proudly explains that she is lucky to work in a community full of very caring people. “People in this community are constantly willing and grateful to participate in activities where they are needed and can be of help.” Harrington has 17 years of education... Continue Reading →

Creating Infographics and Posters

Happy March!  I hope you didn’t get stuck in the past with the passing of daylight savings time because we have some great ideas shared with us for this month’s article that will help your students’ learning spring forward.  This month the focus is on creating infographics and posters.  I’m not talking about the posters... Continue Reading →

Power of Formative Assessment

via Marshall Memo with comments from Dr. Kevin Feldman. [Good review of some of the key ideas in our work  -- Dr. Kevin Feldman} Nine Ways Assessments Can Improve Teaching and Learning – Kim Marshall - “In Praise of Assessment (Done Right)” by Kim Marshall in Phi Delta Kappan, March 2018 (Vol. 99, #6, p. 54-59),... Continue Reading →

Creating Engaging Presentations

Welcome back! I hope you found last month’s article on sharing digital resources useful. Can you believe it’s already February?! February is often regarded as the month of love and who doesn’t enjoy watching a romantic, thoughtfully planned profession of love between couples culminating with the offering of a ring on bended knee?  I must... Continue Reading →

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