New Year, New Faces at the SEEC

This school year comes with a lot of changes, but also some exciting projects and collaborations... which also includes some new faces to our team! We are excited to introduce you to six team members that started with us in the spring and summer of 2020. Dana Sell - ND Reading & Math Corps Program... Continue Reading →

Putting the focus on SEL with your students

This school year we must put focus on our student's social and emotional learning to help them succeed academically - especially now when their normal looks very different. Interactions with peers, teachers, mentors at school look different if they're in the school building at all. Their home may now be their part-time or full-time school... Continue Reading →

Tools of the [Online Teaching] Trade

Covid-19 hit the educational world by storm a mere 6 months ago (which to many of us has felt like years), effectively closing face-to-face learning throughout the nation.  You, as educators, were forced to adapt (and quick!) to a whole new style of teaching, in a setting that is the complete opposite of which a... Continue Reading →

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