H[app]y Holidays

♫ On the third month of tech tools, this message gave to me: 3 cool tools; 2 videos; and a Christmas cookie recipe ♫ Before jumping into the tinsel town of technological tools, we just want to take this moment to express our thanks and gratitude for all that you do to help students succeed. ... Continue Reading →

Science of Reading

With 52% of 3rd grade students scoring in the Partially Proficient and Novice categories on the 2018-19 state reading assessment, SEEC is committed to supporting districts in their work to improve reading proficiency. We feel that learning more about the Science of Reading (SoR) and developing further professional development resources can help with that effort.   Our... Continue Reading →

SEEC Focus on Literacy

The 2020-21 school year has brought a convergence in several state and local initiatives with a focus on Reading and Literacy and SEEC is working to support those initiatives across districts. These efforts align with State’s Strategic Vision Framework to increase students who enter kindergarten prepared to learn and increase students who demonstrate reading proficiency... Continue Reading →

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