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Data and Reports – Assessing to Inform – FastBridge (Phase 2 Diagnostic)

22 educators attended the single-day training based on three grade levels K-1st 2nd-6th 7th-12th As they completed their fall benchmark assessments, educators were ready for the next level to gain an understanding about the motives of diagnostic assessments and how to find instructional match for students of all levels, whether as a class-wide Tier 1... Continue Reading →

We say farewell to our colleague, Alison Zima, after nine years at SEEC

Director of Information Services Alison Zima departed from her role in December 2022 after nine years of diligence and detail-orientation to several marketing and communication efforts. For almost a decade, Alison has managed and oversaw all SEEC communications to stakeholders through publications, online presence, marketing, photography, video, and events. She has also helped her colleagues... Continue Reading →

SEEC’s Beginning Teacher Network travels to Lisbon for Learning Walks

On Monday, January 9th, SEEC's Beginning Teaching Network teachers packed their bags, loaded up their cars, and braved the elements to travel to Lisbon for an afternoon of Instructional Learning Walks. With this opportunity, our beginning teachers were fortunate enough to see firsthand how our SEEC educators are instructing learners, managing classroom routines and procedures, and... Continue Reading →

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