Formative Instructional Practices are Reaching Across the South East Education Cooperative

November brought the launching of two additional pilot schools to FIP. A team of Jamestown high school teachers and administrators along with K-12 staff from Pingree-Buchanan began their FIP journey. Educators will continue with independent work in the online course while practicing the strategies in their classrooms. Collaborative PLC work as well as virtual check-ins will occur over the course of the school year as participants complete the requirements for graduate credit. 

Grounded in the research of Jan Chappius, Rick Stiggins, Paul William, and Dylan Black, the FIP core components: 

  1. Creating and Using Clear Learning Targets; 
  2. Collecting and Documenting Evidence of Student Learning; 
  3. Using Evidence of Feedback to Increase Learning; and 
  4. Fostering Student Ownership of Learning 

provide the basis for understandable and accurate feedback about the learning that needs to occur. The process has the greatest capacity to develop students’ ability to monitor and adjust their own learning. 

At the core, FIP is the collection of intentional practices on the part of the teacher and students, making them part of the teaching and learning process. Making them the instructional process. These research-proven practices help teachers and students shift their roles in the classroom, allowing students to become better learners and better able to follow a personalized learning path. 

This professional learning is provided with the Battelle for Kids FIP Your School online platform through the support of a collaborative Principal Teacher Evaluation System Support grant between SEEC, Mid-Dakota Education Cooperative, Missouri River Education Cooperative and Northeast Services Cooperative, through ND Department of Public Instruction. 

For questions or additional information on FIP please contact: Lacosta Potter ( 

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