EL Norms: Using EL Student Data in an MTSS System

As the number of linguistically diverse students in N.D. School districts rise, so too does the need for additional English Learner (EL) supports. Consequently, the South East Education Cooperative, along with facilitator Kerri Whipple, is excited to offer the professional learning opportunity EL Norms – Using EL Student Data in an MTSS System. This 2-4 hour workshop assists Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) and leadership teams to make decisions for EL students based on other EL student data. 

Within the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to review research from the National Center on RTI and WIDA in order to ensure that cultural and linguistic considerations are applied when an EL student is being discussed by teams. Additionally, teams will have the option of bringing in their own student data with which to practice using the ND EL norms for MAP and STAR assessments. 

Utilizing the EL Access Norms Application, users will gain information about the typical performances of EL students on the NWEA, STAR, ACT, and Aspire assessments by grade level at various points in the school year based on their level of English language proficiency. Student’s levels of English language proficiency are based on the scare scores that students receive on the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Assessment (developed by WIDA) which is administered during the spring of each school year. 

The EL Access Norms Application has taken data from all North Dakota students who have taken the ACCESS and ACCESS 2.0 Assessment and utilized it to create norms for the percentiles that students have received on each student achievement assessment at each grade level based on students’ levels of English proficiency. 

To learn more about the EL Access Norms Application, please contact Kerri Whipple at kerri.whipple@k12.nd.us. Workshops are set to be held Jan. 8 (Ellendale) and 10 (Wahpeton) Рregistration will be opening soon at www.escweb.net/nd_seec. 

Always reference our website for information, too: www.ndseec.com/programs-and-services/professional-development/english-learners.

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