Where are they now: Reading Corps Alumni

NDRChorz4CEach year the South East Education Cooperative and North Dakota Reading Corps are blessed to have AmeriCorps members serve as literacy tutors. They vary in age, come from different backgrounds, are pursuing a variety of careers, but they all have ONE thing in common – they want to help North Dakota children become the best readers they can be. They strive to help these struggling students move from learning to read to reading to learn – how amazing is that?

Once members complete their service what do they do? Where do they go? Well, we’re just as curious as you, so we thought we’d find out for ourselves and share with you a “Where are they now?” story.

Brittany Mittleider
Brittany Mittleider

Brittany Mittleider served a year at Kennedy Elementary while she was completing her elementary education degree at Valley City State University. Upon serving a year as a literacy tutor, she completed that degree and has also finished a human development and family science degree from North Dakota State University and clocked her student teaching hours in a 4th grade classroom back at Kennedy Elementary! She was also able to use her education award to help pay for her undergraduate student loans.

“I gained many things from AmeriCorps, but the first thing I realized was that I had definitely chosen the right career path for myself. I loved working with the students and seeing them progress,” said Brittany. “AmeriCorps and Reading Corps helped me decide to advance my career and get my masters degree in reading.”

Today, she explains that the connections she made during her year as a Reading Corps tutor led her to the current teaching position she has today in West Fargo. She notes that without the connections to administrators and other teachers, she probably wouldn’t have received the job offer she did prior to graduating.

“To anyone thinking about becoming a Reading Corps tutor – ABSOLUTELY DO IT! No matter why you’re thinking about doing it, you’ll gain something out of it. It feels great to help young readers achieve their goals, plus you meet so many wonderful staff and students. If you’re pursuing an education in teaching, than I believe it will benefit you tremendously! I made many connections with administrators and teachers that helped me get to where I am today.”

We are so proud of Brittany and all of the other Reading Corps alumni out there. We hope to hear back from many more of you and be able to share your stories. If you’d like to share your story with us, please email gartyj@ndseec.com.

If you’re interested in becoming a literacy tutor for N.D. Reading Corps during the 2015-16 school year, please find more information at www.ndseec.com/readingcorps and apply today!

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