10 Amazing #ReasonsToReadingCorps

Now is the time to think about serving a year with AmeriCorps and N.D. Reading Corps is a perfect place to make a difference.

As one school year is about to wrap up, we are already planning for next year and another expansion of N.D. Reading Corps! Next year we are adding 10 new sites and looking for 52 AmeriCorps members to serve as literacy tutors for students grades K-3 and some PreK childcare centers in the following districts: Bismarck, Fargo, Jamestown, Mandan, Minot and West Fargo!

Reading Corps has made great progress in the last couple of years and we aren’t stopping! We need YOU to help us continue the work of N.D. Reading Corps and help make a difference in children’s life in N.D. Together we can help make the switch from learning to read to reading to learn.

Still need more convincing? Well, here are encouraging words from 10 fabulous 2014-15 Reading Corps tutors:


 “Working with children, especially to help improve reading, is so rewarding! I hope to give more than I gain – seeing children work hard and graduate the program is overwhelmingly awesome. Do it. Just do it!”

–Linda Boyd, 2-year tutor (Fargo)
Past elementary school para


 “It is so important for children to be able to read and I wanted to be a part of that learning process. I really enjoyed being a tutor and learned a lot doing it. Being able to exit kids is very exciting because you know what you’re doing is working! I would encourage anyone thinking about becoming a tutor to definitely do it!”

–Miranda Helm, 1st year K-3 tutor (Fargo)
Elementary education major


“I know from my prior classroom teaching experience that if a child can’t read, they can’t succeed at any other academic skill. I want to help close the gap between struggling and succeeding to read. I’ve had a student who did not want to read experience the success of Reading Corps and now has asked for stories to take home during Christmas break to “keep up my reading skills so I don’t get behind.” Last year, I could not imagine this child wanting to read!”

–Shannon Vanderford, 2-year K-3 tutor (West Fargo)
Past 5th/6th grade teacher


 “I actually changed my major from Interior Design to Early Childhood Education because of the positive experience from Reading Corps. I know that I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience in data-based decision making, but I truly love to do it to see the kids I work with succeed! I would say that it has been the best decision I have ever made. Even if you aren’t going to school to be a teacher, but have a passion with being a positive influence to others around you and bettering youth, this is the place for you!”

–Anna Wilson, 3-year PreK & K-3 tutor (Fargo)
Early childhood education major


“You will learn as much from your students as they will from you. Every child is different and working with them on-on-one is the best way to prevent road blocks from becoming mountains. It is so great to see the kids become motivated and enthusiastic to work with you and then you get to see how happy they are when they see the progress that’s been made.”

–Trevor Magel, 1st year K-3 Tutor (West Fargo)
History graduate student researching/writing dissertation


“If you an individual who is truly committed to encouraging children and you have a passion for driving those children day-by-day down a path of success, then becoming a N.D. Reading Corps tutor is the right step for you! Although my career plans do not involve me in the school setting, I firmly believe that a strong education is the key to success of our children. To be blessed with a role where I have the opportunity to be a positive light in a child’s day is absolutely amazing!”

–Annika Vernon, 1st year tutor (Jamestown)
Exercise science major


“You won’t regret becoming a Reading Corps tutor. This kids who you will help everyday will make you day complete. The joy you see in their faces when they improve their reading skills is priceless”

–Stacy Adamson, 3rd year tutor (Fargo)
Part-Time Physical Education & Health Teacher


“If you’re thinking about becoming a N.D. Reading Corps tutor – Go for it! It’s a great experience and has been very rewarding helping children become better readers. Without reading a student will not go very far in their education. I have experienced the BIG smile on the student’s face when they feel the confidence they’ve gained in reading. It’s a great feeling!”

–Kathy Lande, 1st year tutor (Fargo)


“Do it! There is nothing better than walking into a classroom full of children who are happy to see you and eager to learn! On my worst days, it never fails to put a smile on my face. The best way to learn and grow is to challenge yourself. Reading Corps provides tutors with so many resources and support and will be with you every step of the way.”

–Sarah, 1st year tutor (Evenstart)
Art Education major


“Reading Corps builds not only students’ reading skills, but also their reading confidence. I think it’s amazing the impact that Reading Corps can have on a child’s reading ability now and in the future. There is no bigger reward than seeing the proud smile of a student who has met his or her goal.”

–Regan Christenson, 1st year tutor (Fargo)
English major

There you have it folks… real stories showing the impact of Reading Corps on both students and the tutors themselves. This program is full of growth opportunities for anyone – at any age – at any point in their career!

Find out more about how you can become part of this amazing program at www.ndseec.com/readingcorps or apply directly by clicking here.

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NDReadingCorps.

Read more blog posts at seec.areavoices.com/ndreadingcorps.


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